Rethymnon is the third biggest city in Crete with approximately 32.000 citizens. Its history begins at the neolithic period while archeological findings have been found in several caves in the area.

It passed through the centuries from several wars and conquests as typical of that of 1645 by the Turks.

From 1960 onwards it is characteristic of its development which is quite apparent. Additionally, Rethymnon is now a large student center with over 10.000 students as it has several university departments. It has a relatively temperate climate and attracts thousands of tourists every year. Of particular interest is the old town of Rethymnon as it retains Venetian characteristics from the time of the Venetian domination.

Rethymnon also has a variety of monuments from the Ottoman and Venetian periods, such as the Fortezza Gate, Loggia of Rethymno, the Venetian harbor, the mosque of the Sultan Turgan Hantize etc. As well as several museums and exhibitions such as the Museum of History and Folk Art, the Archaeological Museum, the Sea Life Museum, etc.

There are also several beaches that exist in the area of exotic beauty. Bright turquoise waters and sand hills are the features you will encounter in these reminiscent exotic places.