Elafonisi is located about 75 kilometers southwest of Chania. A protected area (Natura), which at first glance resembles an island as its beginning is a shallow lagoon, but it is actually a small peninsula.

One of the most famous sights of Crete with amazing beaches where the waters have turquoise colors, white and pink sand with scattered junipers provide shade to the swimmers. Elafonisi is a haven for hatching of turtles careta careta.

It is better to visit Elafonisi one day without strong wind because the sand on the air will not be a pleasant experience. Its name is normally Lafonisi and comes from the greek word "Lafira" which means loots, as the place was once a base for pirates where they was hiding their loots.

Its beaches are organized, with several restaurants and hotels in the area where you can stay. Also it offers isolation for nudism on the beaches of peninsula.